Remiges Ventures is a US-based cross-border venture capital firm with offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Tokyo, Japan focused on investments in early stage drug discovery and development companies.

Our mission is to support entrepreneurs to develop innovative therapeutics that help patients suffering from diseases with limited or no treatment options.

Remiges Ventures operates based on the following philosophy

  • We support entrepreneurs pursuing the development of truly innovative drugs with the objective of promoting the commercialization of new therapies that bring hope to suffering patients

  • We are a platform for the development of innovative drugs, connecting inventors, entrepreneurs, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies

  • We support the ambitions of entrepreneurs seeking to start businesses in the cross-border development of innovative new drugs

  • Our investment philosophy is an important element in our ability to deliver a superior return while at the same time achieving our strategic objectives

The team at Remiges Ventures will feel a strong sense of professional accomplishment and personal satisfaction in achieving its mission. The collective experiences of our team will shape our professional activities and create a culture that endures.